LOG#101. Hyperstuff: the list.


Hello, world!

This short post is a list with my favourite hyperstuff related to Physmatics. It also begins a new subcategory of (generally short) posts that I have called “Lists” where I will be writing enumerative lists about some “stuff” I love…

1) Hyperpolygons ( a.k.a. polytopes).

2) Hypercubes.

3) Hyperplanes.

4) Hyperspheres.

5) Hyperlogarithms.

6) Hyperdeterminants.

7) Hypermatrices.

8) Hypergraphs.

9) Hypernumbers.

10) Hypersymmetry ( ternary and generalized n-ary supersymmetries, Clifford algebras, etc).

11) Hyperspace.

12) Hypertime.

13) Hypernuclei.

14) Hyperons.

15) Hyperdrive.

16) Hyperhydrogen atoms.

17) Hypercharge.

18) Hyperquarks.

19) Hypercolor.

20) Hyperelliptic functions and integrals.

21) Hyperlink.

Do you know some interesting hyperstuff that you would add to this list?

See you in another blog post!

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